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Welcome to Rowing Design

Rowing design was formed by Tony McCormick to explore innovation and improvement of rowing and sculling equipment.


Tony’s background is as a classical musician but having spent the last 10 years on the rowing scene with his son George he felt certain things could be done better.


With an eldest son who is in engineering and the youngest now a rowing coach he was well-placed to develop new products.


Having bought a boat rack from Tim Crooks he was impressed with the design compared with others on the market and a chance conversation led to the discovery that Tim was looking to sell the business. Rowing design is now the manufacturer and sole supplier of the Tim Cooks boat rack.


Rowing design will be extending its product range including carefully selected items from other manufacturers. A limited number of prototype blade carriers are now available.


Workshop premises are close by Runcorn Rowing Club in Cheshire.


Any ideas for products or comments and reviews of rowing equipment would be welcomed.

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