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Tim Crooks Boat Rack


If you’re a rowing enthusiast and would like to take your sculling boat with you on a trip, you’ll need to invest in a roof rack and ensure the vessel is safe and secure during transit.


With a conventional roof rack, your boat will be secure.  However as the boat is tied onto a padded metal frame, there is always the risk of damage and scratching because of the high pressure where it’s resting.


If you’re searching for a sculling boat roof rack that will look after your boat much better, the Tim Crooks complete rack system can provide your idea solution.  Instead of tying your boat to solid metal, you can cushion it from any bumps, shocks or jolts from the road.  Our roof racks are design to avoid high forces and will ensure the boat is supported over a much bigger area using durable webbing straps, without every making direct contact with the frame or the car.


This is a proven, secure rack system which is now popular with boaters throughout the UK.  The racks are manufactured from galvanised steel which means they can be stored outside without any detrimental effect.


Each sculling boat rack is supplied with at least 10 meters of hazard tape, helping you ensure compliance with British law.


These innovative roof racks were developed by Tim Crooks, an engineer and respected figure in the UK’s rowing community (having won the 1977 Superstars competition, 7 Henley medals and an Olympic silver medal in 1976).  The rack was created after a fried brought about an age-old boating problem to his attention and Tim provided a smart solution in the form of these rack.


in 2016 Rowing Design purchased the rights to manufacture and supply the Tim Crooks boat rack.

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